Tom Anderson

Third year software development student at IT Carlow.

If you're interested in me or in the software development course in IT Carlow you will find some of my past course work here and some interesting bits and bobs that I made along the way. I have some code on Github which you can peruse. I am also on Linkedin if you would like to see my grades. I occasionally solve a problem on, I have currently solved this many, I should do more of this.

Group Project

As part of the second year project module we were required to design and develop a web application which was based on a bank system as a group of four. I was part of an excellent group (thank you Ciara, Liam and Peter) and we completed the project with no casualties and a minimum of collateral damage. The application was built with MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Bank Project ER Diagram

The Database

The database and ER diagram were designed by the group as a whole. Our tutor said that it was the most complete database design that she had ever received at that stage, when she reviewed it at the beginning of the project, this is the final version

Developing the Structure

During development I built a mock up to help design the front end of the site. This is a skeleton of our page to help us decide on colours and page structure. I also had a JavaScript menu and help button working at this stage. I think this little snapshot of development is interesting.

The Final Project

I need to set up the database and sanitise some inputs before I can get the final project working here so for now I will just leave a link to Github.

Web Development

Here are some bits and bobs from second year web development and before, Catherine our second year lecturer was excellent. The pleasing thing about web development is the instant gratification, change a line and you have a result straight away. I also found a backup I made during the construction of one of my early web assessments from a night class way back in 2012, the finished site had working PHP for the text alerts and a contact page.

CSS Lab Work

We had web development labs a few times a week using forms, PHP, JavaScript and CSS styling, this was a Lab where we had to style a page about film festivals, I was having a good day.

Behold the cube

Behold The Cube

This is a website on a rotating cube that I made with JavaScript and CSS. Sadly it will not work in Internet Explorer.

Bubble Bubble

I styled some speech and thought bubbles for fun, I could see something like this being used on an FAQ page or in a messaging app.

Personal Site Assessment

As soon as we arrived back for second year we were set the task of building a personal 'About Me' web site as our first assessment of the year, I thought it turned out rather well.